What’s Life Without Challenges?

I put myself into this. This was my idea. Thas was a stupid idea. These are the thoughts that rush through my head as I take one look at the Blazin Buffalo Wild Wings Chicken. Seven of us sit at a table, with our palms sweaty and our eyes fighting not to show any signs of worry. The rest crowd around us with their phones in their hands ready to record.
Twelve pieces of sizzlin hot, spicy chicken sit in front of each of us, and my friend complains about how they chose the biggest pieces. We all laugh, attempting to swallow down our worry, but it doesn’t work. We attempt to convince ourselves that we will be able to finish in six minutes. The smell is unbearably strong, like the smell of someone who put too much perfume on and hugs you for a long time. “3” says the waiter, interupting my thoughts. Another friend starts to tear up. “2.” I pick up the piece of chicken with both hands, ready to bite into it and I feel a tingling sensation in my index fingers and thumbs. “1.” The flash on every camera turns on and everyone is braced. “GO!” I bite into the chicken and my mouth immediately catches on fire.  I glance in front of me and the six others have beads of sweat rushing down their faces, and then my vision blurs as the tears run down my face. I throw the bones in the plate and pick up another piece. By then the sauce, covers my face from below my nose to my chin. My mouth is used to the taste, but my face is not. My face feels like someone lit a lighter right on it, burning my flesh. The sweet drips down my own face, as I take another glimpse at how the rest are doing. Their faces are bright red, and some of them are shaking vigorously. They are dying, but still eating. The waiters are watching with enjoyment, and the rest are just trying to capture our misery on camera. I pick up the napkin, and wipe my mouth. I am out.


However, my face still doesn’t cool down. It is bright red and the sizzling sensation won’t go away. I pour ice cold water on my face, with my mouth closed, just for my face to cool down. But it doesn’t. I pour the milk in the same manner, spilling some of it on the table after it drips down my face like a waterfall. When that doesn’t work I pick up another water from the three I had stacked in front of me and just dip the whole bottom half of my face into it to feel a temporary “coolness.” It only works for a while, until I just reach in and pick up the ice cubes and just run them around my face.

But, what’s life without challenges?



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