Crazy or Normal?

Spending time with friends is the most effective stress-relieving method. Walking from store to store in Bella Terra, I glance at each of their faces, and realize how lucky I am. Each person is different, but with one thing in common. Each person has their own problems, whether at home, school, or beef with someone else. However, we forget life for just a second and live in the moment. Running around Sky Zone with just our socks on, I take a quick glimpse at my friend and I admire how her smile stretches across her face, from ear to ear. The smell of feet and dirty socks surrounds us, but we hardly even notice it. I can sense the excitement jumping out from her brown eyes, and the way she half skips, half runs would have caused me to think that she was still a five year-old.

We scream together, we get kicked out of places together, we joke around together, and we go to Chuck E. Cheeses together. I can’t remember one time where they have failed to make me crunch my abs from the pain caused by laughter. Sitting in the second story of Barnes and Noble, I watch my friend hold a black dragon puppet in her right hand and a cute, fluffy, white dog with its red tongue sticking out on her left hand. She starts mouthing the words to a song she put on blast off her phone, and shakes her hands vigouresly as she puts on a puppet show for us. I can’t help but explode in laughter, trying to keep the tears from running down my face and try to refrain from collapsing onto the floor, clenching my stomach.

Laying down on my bed, with my laptop on my lap I struggle to keep my own eyes awake as I play another round at the dojo with my friend. I bite onto my half-eaten pepperoni pizza and gulp down some orange juice before I choose a card. Club Penguin is a virtual website that I used to play on with my friends when I was around twelve years old. Now that it is about to close down, I convinced my friends to join and enjoy these last few days with me. I taught my friend a trick that will help her escalate up to the black belt in no time at the dojo; however, she used that trick when I play with her which made it even more challenging for me to win. I have been so excited to return to Club Penguin that I even enjoyed accessorising it, and other people think I am crazy



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