Kids today overreact to certain situations and many cry over petty matters. All kids cry, but the kids today cry over nothing. For example, a child could take another’s eraser. This kid may never even use his eraser, but once he finds that another took what was his, he will begin to cry. This is owed to the fear of parents of letting their children run and play¬†independently. Children’s creativity and problem solving is limited due to “danger.”

Children in first grade have to worry about homework, instead of just playing. Instead of interacting, children are taught to be quiet in school. They are punished for talking in class, and for playing when they are not supposed to. They learn to become more isolated, which can even lead to social awkwardness. Parks are becoming more vacant every year because we prefer that children be glued to a screen where we could have our eyes them on at all times, than letting them play outside, out of our site for an hour or two a day.

Parents are worried about their children falling and scraping their knees, or breaking arm. They forget that they once broke an arm, and because of that they learned to be more careful instead of their parents just telling them. They learned to take risks. They learned to survive the world of play. They learned on their own, with the aid of their parents. Today, the parents command the children and the children obey, without discussion.

How then do you expect children to grow up to be socially interactive and solve problems in the future?



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