Reflecting back on this blog that I created last year, I realized that I have certain topics I am passionate about, and they haven’t changed much. I like writing according to my mode that week or about something that I couldn’t stop thinking about. It helps me figure things out and clear my mind. However, I have noticed that my writing as progressed as more abstract, than concrete which leaves out many sensory details, and descriptions crucial to the story I am telling, or the point I am trying to prove.


The category I have used the most is Source because I like to read passages and respond with my opinion or add on, instead of just taking it in and moving on. Mostly because it is easier for my to express my opinion through text, than boring others with my rants.


The subjects I have been most consistent with are my culture, virtues, change, and life in general. My friends and family are definetely included in these posts because they are a huge part of my life. Some of these posts may be about them, but may be indirect; however, I am the only that can deciper that sometimes which is something I do intentionally. These topics repeat throughout my blogs because these are the topics that I am more passionate about and that I experience, or I see the people around me experiencing.









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