Take a Breath

Sometimes a person feels overwhelmed and stressed, and struggles to keep up with life. Their life may be a mess, but they still try to help others and act as if their life couldn’t get any better. This person pretends their life is all together not to cause jealousy, but instead to avoid pity from anyone. It may feel like no one around understands, but in reality many relate to this. Everyone has life to go through. Everyone has their own responsibilities to take care of, and places to be. This world is a busy world, and everyone is running to keep from missing the train.

We all just need to take a breath and calm down. We need to relax and take a break. We need to spend just one day doing whatever we desire. One day. Is that too much to ask for? One day where a person could wake up at noon, lay down on the sand, watch the waves as they crash onto the water, hear the sound of the ocean as they lick their ice cream right off the cone, and then return home and watch television and go back to sleep.

People could be dreaming about this; however, they never have the time to fulfill their dreams. This scenario is merely present in one’s imagination.



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