Save Food, Save Money, Save Lives

Food is often thrown away without thought. People throw away food they don’t like, or think may be expired, when it can last longer past its expiration date. People throw away food because they are fortunate enough to afford new products. Throwing away untouched food is throwing away money,

However, as we throw away food, we don’t realize that there is someone sitting in the street that’s wishing they had a bite of what we threw away. There are people on the street who don’t have a set meal everyday, and don’t know where they will be sleeping that night.

We should change our way of thinking. Milk is proven to be drinkable a couple days past the expiration day. While many people may argue that it is risk. It really isn’t. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” While you could be throwing away day-old milk, it could actually save someone from malnutrition. Instead of throwing away uneaten food, we should send it to soup kitchens or find someone who is willing to consume it if you are not willing to “take the risk.”

Don’t waste food. Don’t waste money.



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