Work to Achieve Greatness

Humans are peculiar creatures. We want what we don’t have. Once we get it, we don’t want it anymore. For example, many people supported the idea of Trump building a wall so legal American citizens would be able to fill up those jobs and reduce the percentage of unemployment. Wages rose on California farms, yet there is still a labor shortage because Americans refuse to take jobs that don’t require any skill or experience.

Often times we decide we want something, but we are unwilling to work for it. We are unwilling to give the effort and dedication that we are capable of in order to gain achievements. We are only willing to complain because one person is successful and we are not. We try to trick ourselves into believing that no hard work is required, and that merely luck is the reason for success. Obviously, some people work harder than others, but we should only work to outcompete ourselves, and no one else.

Everyone complained that illegal immigrants took over legal citizens’ jobs, yet once they are open and pay highly  we think that we are simply better than those jobs. We picture ourselves in more prestigiuos jobs with less labor required. Why do we want greatness when we are not willing to work for it?




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