Be a Role Model

Spelling and grammar mistakes happen. We are all human. No one is perfect. However, if they occur frequently, it is a sign of uneducation. It may confuse the readers and distract them because they will be too busy trying to decipher what the author is trying to say. It will be a difficult read, hurting the brain trying to figure out the meaning of each misspelled word.

Most teanagers don’t need to learn how to spell because they rely on autocorrect to do the job for them. It is like a spoiled child throwing food on the ground, and expecting the maid to come pick up afterwards.

Our president is supposed to be a role model for the country to follow. However, when he develops an unecessary habit as misspelling, we should not follow his example, but be a better one for future generations. We shouldn’t be the laughingstock of the world- with people of different countries learning English as a second language, yet we can’t even spell our own language.



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