Los Amigos

Friendship is a wonderful aspect of humans. It is very sensitive, yet strong. It influences people in ways unimaginable. A person can either change for better or worse. The people surrounding you may not define you, but they have an immense impact on your decisions. One wrong decision can lead you down the wrong path and ruin your life forever. One decision. Why do people then choose to hang out with the wrong crowd? A sense of belonging? A sense of purpose? Not wanting to let go? Wanting to change them? There’s so many reasons. Wanting to change crowds should come from within. I should be the one to choose whether I want to stay or move on. Nobody should tell me. I am the only one that can determine what is best because no one has stepped in my shoes or knows what is going on in my head. They don’t know what I know. They don’t see what I see. I could see greatness while others see destruction. But, they don’t know what I know. No one may be able to understand my decisions, but I do.

No one should have a right to judge anyone else but their own self. Of course, there is always a fine line between advice, constructive criticism, and commanding. If someone doesn’t ask you, but TELLS you to do your homework or go to a party, wouldn’t you want to do the opposite? It is not understandable. It is just a sense of pride and dignity that we humans have. We need to be mindful of our own actions and our own choices, rather than others’. We need to be careful of how are friends affect us, and we need to be cautious of how we react to peer pressure.



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