Return of the Beast

Returning to an activity after retiring for so long makes a person feel whole again. The first day is always hard, especially if you are returning to a sport because you’re out of practice. However, once you get back into the shape and rhythm you remember how much you used to enjoy this activity. Especially if it’s one of those things that helps you forget what’s going on and let go of the world for a little bit. For me, basketball is one of the few activities that helps me release my stress. As I dribble the ball, forcing it into the ground and waiting for it to bounce back up to my hand, the feeling that I am in control of something. The ball is something that I can determine the fate of. I know where it is going after I release it from my hand. This calms me down because at times I don’t know where I am going or what I am doing with my life.

FullSizeR (8)

As I hold the basketball in my hand, a flood of memories rush back. This ball has always been the only thing that remained a part of me as I grew. It has been almost my whole life. It has shaped me to be as round as it. It has taught me determination, precision, and most of all sportsmanship. The court is a very special place. All of life’s problems and struggles “pause” once I step foot on the court, and all the tension that arose on the court end when I shake the opponents hand at the end of the game and walk off the court. This inspires me to do the same in my life. I learn to forget.

In the time I had refrained from playing basketball I realized many changes in myself. I became impacient and arrogant. I was easily annoyed and had a shorter attention span. However, once I returned to this sport it has caused me to increase my patience and smile more. My level of stress has decreased and I just feel so much happier.

Never give up on something on you love.


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