Salt of the Earth

Being kind is the best thing a person can be. Kindness spreads, just like wildfire. Kindness can go from smiling at a stranger, to listening to someone’s problems. Kindness doesn’t require massive actions, but those little everyday actions that turn into habits are key. Being kind to your friends is easy, but the challenge is being kind to strangers or those handful of people that are hard to tolerate.

Kindness is a virtue that can be attained. It is contagious. It can’t be stopped. It is a wonderful disease. Once you surround yourself with people who are kind, you become one of them. Their actions rub off on you. They have a positive effect on your everyday life.

Being kind not only changes your lifestyle, but changes those whom you are kind to. It creates a healthy and cheerful community. It gets people talking, and may even help us attain new friends. These small habits enrich the givers and receivers. One small act can go a long way for someone whose day is going horribly wrong, and receives an act of kindness.

Our job is to act like the salt of the earth, and sprinkle kindness to everyone who is around.




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