Our generation is described as socially awkward, lacking outside information, and not paying attention to the events happening around the world. We be confused of what is “real” or “fake” and we may be socially awkward, but we can’t be blamed. Older generations claim that it is due to the small devices that we “can’t live without.” However, our generation clings to this specific device because it is our KEY to the outside world.

I blame the educational system for the “flaws” in my generation. Spending more time studying than hanging out with family or calling a friend has caused our generation to stay glued to our textbooks. Now, all our knowledge comes from a thousand paged book that tells exactly what to think and how to think it. Many students are punished for talking in class, or for texting and checking social media. A grade suffers when a student spends more time watching the news than actually doing their homework.

Yet, the TV and the phone are instantaneous ways to help us connect with the events going on around us. Staying connected with the outside world allows people to actually have the ability to determine if what is being said is actually true or not.



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