Recently, there has been a war going on. A war I am not a part of. A war I am being misrespresented in on both sides. A war that shouldn’t even be taking place. I believe that people should be able to accept one another, even if their opinions contradict one another. However, I do not think there is room in any debate for insults and rude behavior. Everyone has a different beliefs on a certain topic, and an argument is for everyone to put forward their opinions. Not to simply, bash on the others and convince them that there is no right but them.

Everyone’s viewpoints should be respected and treated with sensitivity, even if they don’t correlate with one’s own. Without respect, an argument will turn into a war. For example, during the elections, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both disrespected each other, and disregarded the other’s feelings. This caused a national feud between the two and their parties.

Hypocrisy is also a huge element in a war. Being a hypocrite permits others to overlook one’s stance, and not take it seriously.

Sure, a person’s culture or religion may affect their views on a certain topic, but that does NOT mean they are wrong or unnecessary. In fact, it means that each person is unique in their own way. It is simply wrong to categorize others as irrelevant because of their position towards certain matters. Offending other people because of their beliefs is simply inconsiderate and uncivil.

Displaying IMG_9767.JPG

This picture was taken during bell week. It is disrespectful towards Edison. 


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