I Can Only Imagine

Interviewing my mom has allowed me to dig deeper in my family history, and to realize things about my mom I haven’t noticed before. I was able to learn more about relatives I haven’t been able to see, or those who I only see every couple of years.

My mom is not very good at telling stories. Her stories are very short, and lacking detail. I am sure she has many childhood memories, but she only talks about her college life, and friends. Maybe even sometimes about her brother, but not very much about herself, when she was my age or younger. This interview gave me a little sneakpeak of her aunts, unkles and parents.

Asking my mom questions about me has allowed me to spend more time with her, and find out what she really thinks about me. My brother also slipped in near the end, and managed to whisper a few answers to her.

This interview made me wonder: What if I wasn’t so similar to my mom? As she was answering my questions, I was admiring how much we had in common. What if all that family history was altered? I can only imagine.

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

A picture of my mother and me.


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