Truth or Lie?

Both candidates should realize that their past, present, and future actions and words determine the future of a COUNTRY. The life of millions of people and possibly other countries in the world depend on them. All the other countries are waiting to see how the United States will lead them, and watching for instruction. Yet, the global stillmate caused by this year’s election has caused Americans to be eager and frightened because neither candidate seems fit to rule a country. Everyone is curious as to what will happen next, and how Americans will react to either candidate winning. What does the future look like for the world? How does the future affect every individual?  What will the future have in store for my family and friends?


This picture was taken of me in front of the Cairo Tower.

“The winner should of course make clear that he or she is president of All Americans…” (LA Times)

Hillary Clinton’s “loser” speech was very moving, and although she was disappointed of her loss, she was also proud of Donald Trump. Trump’s candidacy was based on hate and discrimination; however, I don’t believe that was his intention once he was elected. It was believed that he hates Muslims, LGBTs, Mexicans, etc… However, I think that was just to get his campaign going. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi personally called to congradulate Trump and invite him to Egypt. Trump was very polite and accepted the invitation. El-Sisi is an Egyptian Muslim.


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