Tired or Annoyed?

The way a person looks at another says way more than an essay could ever say. The way a person despises another. The way a person loves another. The way a person is jealous of another. The generosity of a person. Or the anger of a person. Just one moment of silence with no words but one glance. Actors make sure to portray their emotions through their eyes, which is the most challenging to concept to master. This can tell the difference between a good actor and a bad actor. But I can see it in real life. I can tell if a person is looking at another with disgust or with disturbance. But why do I notice more looks of hurt, trouble, and fear then I do of care, kindness, and compassion?


The picture on the left is of despair and exhaustion. The picture on the top right illustrates annoyance. The picture on the bottom right portrays anger. 


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