Bell Week at school allowed me to open my eyes to a wider perspective of our rivalry against Edison. Having one of the nation’s biggest rivalries, everyone just assumed that it is because Edison keeps beating FV every year for twelve years. But, I think that there is a much bigger reason that no one has cared enough to investigate.

Our school has an outstanding learning program, and provides many opportunities for students to prove their academic abilities. But, we are more than just high GPAs. We all unite as one in spirit. The students, staff and alumni created a community that is full of spirit and pride. We have enthusiasm.

Edison on the other hand is more focused on competition. They beat us because we are focused on having fun and cheering together as one, while all they care about is winning. I most definitely like our side better. It is noticed in the previous bell games that while we are losing, we are still cheering and poking fun at each other. But, it is different when they are losing at a certain point in the game.

Our attitude defines us, not our winning streak. We are much stronger. IMG_9764.jpg


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