The Sky Is Limitless

In Why I Write by William Saroyan, he starts off his essay by identifying the whole reason he started writing: his father’s death. He explains this tragic event in his life and its effect on him and his writing throughout the essay. “I wanted to cause the impossible to happen, because if I was to do that, I knew I would be able to cause anything to happen. Thus death would not be death, if anybody wanted it not to be.” Towards the end, he circles back around and concludes, “In short, I began to write in order to get even on death.”

Many people have stories similar to Saroyan. Many people need a life-changing event to start off their writing career, and to help them recognize their talents. Once they do, they feel as if the “whole world is their oyster.” When a talent is first discovered, the person feels like that they can do anything, and the sky is their limit. This is the point where a person has the highest buildup of self-esteem, and courage. It is a positive thing because usually the person becomes creative with this new-found talent, believing in themselves, and producing something magnificent.

img_1224I took this picture at sunrise.


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