What makes a story memorable?

A story is memorable because of its lesson, and how the audience can apply it to their lives. It doesn’t matter if the story has a positive or negative effect on the audience; if it is a good story, then it will be remembered. How a story is illustrated and portrayed leaves a mark in the person’s mind. If the story is told in a boring or monotone, then nobody will remember it even if it was interesting, it is all about the presentation.


My friends and I at the Fountain Valley Fall Concert.

Presenting a story not only reflects how the speaker perceives it, but also tells the audience a little bit about the speaker, himself. Whether it is presented in a speech, pictures, or a video, the speaker needs to capture the audience’s attention with a hook, and make sure their attention is where he wants it to be. For example, a magician wants the audience to focus on one aspect of the trick to distract them, while he does the actual “magic.”

I chose this specific picture of my friends and I because that is how my friends chose to present a story. Through the art of singing, they used their wonderful talent to tell us the story they wanted to us to hear.


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