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October 16, 2016, falls on a Thursday this year. Today is just like any other Thursday for most people. It is almost the weekend, but not quite. All people notice about Thursday is that it is one day away from the weekend. The weekend where there is no work, no school, and no waking up early. But, this Thursday is unique. It does not occur until every year. Most people are too caught up in their own little worlds or too busy to pay too much attention to the date that they miss this.


img_9364Posted on Facebook by 9GAG on October 6, 2016.

Instead of counting down to the weekend like every other person on this planet, this person decided to make the most of today and look on the bright side. This person noticed that today is a special day, while others were too busy to even look at the date. He or she stepped out of their own little world and realized that everything has a good side to it.


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