Strive and Survive

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. A Scout should master patience and skills. He or she must be able to forgive, and learn from past mistakes. Scouts have to earn their way to the top and work towards a goal set in place. Being a scout is not merely an activity, but it is a way of life. One must survive and conquer through attitude and motivation. We must learn to be proactive and to control ourselves.

Throughout life, one must find challenges and tribulations. No one is perfect, or has control over their life, no matter how much they try to organize it. Everyone makes mistakes, yet we judge each other based on what the eye sees, and the ear hears. However, when a human loves, flaws are either not realized, or set aside. A scout does not try to be perfect, but positive. We try to lift each other’s spirit in hardships, help one another succeed, and welcome others.

A healthy environment consists of hospitality and striving. People who seek comfort to express themselves, and strive to be like their role models should find it in a scout environment. Role models do not have to be older or wiser. Therefore, a scout’s aim is to be an honorable role model for others who are looking to them for support. Since a scout should fight to excel in everything they lay their hands on, leadership and communication should flow naturally within the environment. Our purpose is to renew the service that everyone used to perform for each other in history, but has been ceased and close to extinction in the twenty-first century. We should be aware of our actions and try to “Think, Before Act.” Sometimes I wonder, “When was the last time I saw someone give without occasion, or being asked?”

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Being resourceful is enough to make someone quit, but we can’t take the easy way out. Survival is the reason why we learn all these aspects of nature, and the types of knots and fires. It is to strengthen us and enrich us with knowledge, power and courage. Once we understand something new, we try to pass on our knowledge to others. Following Jeremy Bentham’s utilitarian views, I also believe in “the greatest happiness of the greatest number.” The blessing increases with the number of people you see happy because it is contagious.

As I strive to help others, I came across two projects enabling me to extend my knowledge of survival to others. The first was executing my knowledge of nature and skills of constructing objects necessary for endurance. I accomplished this by building a bed frame, and teaching my classmates the basic knots, hitches, and lashes to do so. The second project I still have not done, but it includes my ability to lead children, organize and perform presentations, and to spread happiness beyond our community.


The most valuable matter a person possesses is the information incorporated within him or herself. If other people had known the intelligence instilled within Steve Jobs, the iPhone may have lost its value, even before it was invented, and Steve Jobs would have died without earning his current fortune. Another example would be a person handing down a secret family recipe in his or her will. A person may be mortal, but knowledge lives on forever.

One day, I hope to become a person with valuable wisdom to share with others. I want to be worth looking up to and having the skill and determination to strive and survive, just like my role models.


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