“I’m Only Human”

          Imperfection is not a flaw. Imperfection is a virtue. Imperfection is valuable. Imperfection distinguishes each and every person into who they are and what they look like. It identifies a person in the mirror, and allows others to recognize each other. Society today views imperfection as a deficiency or a weakness, but in reality, it is what makes society interesting. What is perfection? Nothing is perfect. If nothing is perfect, then why do people strive to meet this nonexistent standard?
          This author reaches deep down and opens up about her personal struggle to meet society’s ignorance by simply “fixing” herself. Through this blog post, I was able to open my eyes to life’s purpose. Life is the journey to happiness and success. Life is NOT for “fitting in.” Life is for standing OUT. Society will always have an impact on people; but they have the choice of accepting it or changing it.




“I’m only human.” As life goes on, it seems that everyone forgets what that means. Today more than ever, so much is expected out of every single person. You need to get the greatest grades. Not good. Great. You have to be the greatest, unflawed. Perfect. You have to be stunningly beautiful, not average. Etc.

These ideas have corrupted so many people. I feel as though people look down on themselves if they aren’t all 3 of these, or even one of them. I know I do. That makes living life a lot harder. I look around me at these people who seem to have perfect lives, and wish I had what they had. I wish I could be as smart as them. Or as pretty as they are. Personally, it makes me feel small and worthless when I’m held to these standards that are difficult and almost impossible to reach.

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