Straight Up Comedy

         I consider myself a funny person for the most part. I try to make my friends, family, and even strangers laugh to lighten the mood, and just to see that smile that appears on people’s faces. Whenever I meet someone or talk to them for the first time, I try to get them to step out of their shell by teasing them or being sarcastic. I even dressed up as a clown last halloween. My friends and family obviously laughed and enjoyed poking fun at me. I received an innumerous amount of pointing, whispering and laughing, but I did not mind or regret being a clown for one bit. I loved it because other people loved it, except for one person who stayed away from me for almost the whole night.

         My fifteen year-old best friend was brave enough to enter the Halloween maze at our school, but exited the maze with a sprained shoulder. According to her, there was a clown running after her, and she was trying to run away; when she turned to make sure that she was as far as possible from it, she sprinted right into the wall. On halloween, I saw her with a shoulder brace and she obviously tried to avoid me the whole night because of my costume, but she eventually got over it, and I succeeded in helping her crush her fear.


         Sometimes, I feel like my sole purpose in life is to make the people around me happy, and almost as jolly as Santa Claus. It just comes naturally, joking and sarcasm occur to me just like a song flows out of a bird, or a roar out of a lion. I don’t force the funniness out of me because when I actually try to be funny, it concludes in a disaster.

         One day in class, as I was sitting in my seat oblivious to what the teacher was going to say next, and all of a sudden… BAM! My English teacher hit us with an announcement that we will be presenting two jokes in class on Friday. I know that two jokes should not be as worrying to me as all the other assignments and exams I have piled up on me, but I just can’t try to be funny, especially through a joke. It is not in my nature to look up a joke and say it out loud, I just tease or pull a prank on someone. I don’t believe that is my type of comedy.

         But, I will have to try to step out of my comfort zone, just like I tried to help my friend do, instead of a hypocrite. 

I chose two jokes: “What did the banana say to the doctor?”

“I’m not peeling well,”


“Teacher: ‘Kids, what does the chicken give you?’

Student: ‘Meat.’

Teacher: ‘Very good! Now what does the pig give you?’

Student: ‘Bacon.’

Teacher: ‘Great! And what does the fat cow give you?’

Student: ‘Homework.'”


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