Opening My Eyes

          I became determined to search for something–anything out of the ordinary. It seemed like the harder I looked, the more difficult it became to find something weird and interesting that went unnoticed. There is an old saying by Eli Khamarov that declares, “The best things in life come unexpected, because there were no expectations.” Hoping to be the next Sherlock Holmes, I looked at everything: from the posters inside a classroom, to an ant climbing up a tree. And what was the result? Nothing.

          Why is this so hard?” I asked myself. “I thought it was going to be easy!” I became obsessed with this idea of finding something, and my mind would always wander off as I strolled through life. As I struggled more and more each day, I yearned to visit a more interesting place, than I was used to. And, then it hit me like a wave knocking a surfer off his surfboard. I knew exactly why I struggled with such an easy task.

          Everywhere I looked, was a place familiar to my eyes and mind, so they had learned to become ignorant to all the small features. If I were to go to someplace new and exciting, my brain would be just like a sponge, taking in all the fresh and wonderful images surrounding me.


          I thought back to when I went on my trip to Egypt and thought about all the exotic things I observed there. I saw a pile of trash on the corner of a street with a shoe lying on the top, and the fact that most restaurants are usually empty because people preferred to eat at each others’ houses. I recognized that boys were seen on the streets more often than girls, and there was dirt on the stairs leading up apartments.

          Everything I took notice of, was not even acknowledged by anyone around me. Just like if someone from a different country came here, they would be perceiving many things I did not even regard. This is why it is easier for younger generations to realize and contemplate many details in life because they are curious and they are still in the period where their brain develops most.

          Considering that it was not entirely my fault that I could not “open my eyes” and see what was hidden behind all the materials of this world, I am still glad I tried and have come to a conclusion with myself. I should still try to put the puzzle pieces together, but I don’t need to drive myself crazy looking for the last few pieces.



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